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All information provided on this site is for educational purposes only.  We do  not suggest that the information on products/ingredients/food is a replacement for medical attention, nor do we make any medical claims.

We are believers Holistic Healthcare and Natural Healing.  We have applied the same beliefs to the manufacturing of our skincare and natural healing products that we've designed for many years.  

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Since we believe your body was designed to heal itself, check out our "Ingredients" page and open up the 100 page pdf booklet I have put together over the last 15 years.  We have lists of various ingredients and what their properties are, different healing modalities and even 65 pages of healing foods!

Do you have a special event you're hosting, a wedding coming up or another party you need to plan for?  We can create special gift sets tailored for your event and guests and even come up with personalized labels for our products to match the occasion!  Contact us for more information and tell us what you need to make your event extraordinary!

We are by no means "medicine" or "drugs".  Instead, we believe that nature itself has provided us with the best possible way to take care of our body.  Therefore we cannot take credit for the amazing results that our products deliver, for one cannot patent something that is natural.  Our products are natural, and we therefore give all of the credit to mother nature for designing all of the ingredients with the benefits and properties that are well known.

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